Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday quotes

"Not something that concerns you."
Excuse me? What?
Again excuse me - where did that come from?

Instead of staying at table while we finish eating dinner, Julia wanders around dining room table/area.
She picks up box of sight words, talking loudly ... of course! : ) (I guess, I didn't notice unusual volume)
"Dinosaur wonders about the sight words."
Jai: "Can s/he wonder quietly ..."

Looking at The East Nashvillian magazine, reads some ads, out loud of course:
"Five Points Pizza ... hot pizza, cold beer."

"For the love of God." - recent favorite heard from Miss Julia, common phrase of Mr. Jai's!

"Guys, I get you."
This said in response to discussion about Julia not eating dinner & presenting options.

4 going on 14 - unbelievable!
I had to walk away from dinner table to laugh in other room. : )