Friday, July 26, 2013

Sales, OCD & SSA

This leads to the Perfect Storm for Obsessiveness. OMG!

Julia is going to K ... so the other day I realized I don't think she has enough SSA. Thanks to generous friends, we had items that worked when she attended Pre-school Encore class once a week at Robertson Academy.  I wasn't sure what still fit plus if it is the right season. I knew we had a ton of white tops with stains. However, she will be going to school EVERY day - 5 days each week. That set Tara in motion to get some stuff pronto!

You know I don't like to spend a lot of money. Sunday [99 cents day] I went to Goodwill & found a few shorts, only 1 top. Yikes! Worst case scenario I still have the many stained white shirts.  I also emailed all my friends for ideas though some suggestions were more than I wanted to spend. I went to my favorite consignment sale on Tuesday for the new mom pre-sale with my new mom friend. THANK YOU! There was a ton of great stuff for nothing! I didn't pay more than $4-5 for an item - my total was $43 and I got a few pants, mostly tops, sweaters, tons of hangers.

Wednesday I went to Dan Mills PTO sponsored clothes swap. Even though Julia is going to Inglewood, I donated $5 to PTO & picked up a few more items, including a cute red dress. I also met some nice people. What an awesome idea too! It got me thinking about working on a collaborative community/school organized clothes swap for East Nashville schools - ES, MS, HS. Everyone needs clothes, let's share.

Thursday I got some more clothes from 2 friends, including some more white tops (no one wants to keep those!). I need to get some RIT dye and take care of that stain nightmare!

Friday [today] I went to the 1/2 price sale & spent another $30 - got a few more SSA items (so glad I went on TU as very little was left), some more hangers, shoes, some fun clothes for Julia to wear after school/weekends.

My OCD continues as I've hung every shirt, pants, shorts, dresses, leggings on those many hangers I bought for $1 [for 10]. This way Julia can see her options & select what she wants to wear each day [pick it out the night before of course!].

Perfect storm, right? : )