Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Like mother like daughter

We had a woman clean our house today and she did some straightening. We (Julia, Jacqueline and I) went to storytime. When we got back Julia made a beeline to her room when we got home and yelled down :
"Misty (not her real name),  "where are my cards?"
Misty said "They are in the drawer next to your bed. I needed to move them while I was cleaning."
Julia responded in kind of a mutter, "Oh, that's not where they go.  I don't put them there."
I commented that Julia has very flexible but particular places to put things. Sort of like her mother. Misty closed the conversation with "I noticed. I asked Tara if she wanted me to do any organizing and she said no, she'd take care of that."

Yes, I have am in the house with Tara, mini-Tara and minier-Tara (maybe).