Thursday, July 11, 2013

MNPS clinic

Employee & Family Healthcare Centers
1 of the BEST decisions made by the district ... in a long time ... EVER ...
Our favorite location is the Bransford clinic; we love Marty, Amy, Ms. Pat, really miss Tracy!

Jacqueline is 18 months old today! 
What an amazing 1 1/2 years it has been with such a sweet spirited person.
She is really starting to show quite a personality lately - funny, cute, strong willed, confident, emotional!
  • weight = 21.8 pounds = 10%tile (same)
  • length= 32 inches = 50%tile (increase)
  • head circumference = 44 1/2 cm 
  • Oddly no change, definitely think some measurements were off last 2 visits!
Lots of talking happening - I wish I understood more of it.
"Mommy" or something close to that represents EVERYTHING - more food, help me, attention.
Even when I'm sitting right next to her & she's looking at Jai or Julia or Susie or anyone else! Crazy!

Every day we hear "she is so beautiful." I remember when people would say that about Julia we would say "and smart too" so it wasn't always about her appearance. We don't bother with much other than "thank you" these days, but hopefully Jacqueline willl to be as brilliant as Julia in her own way.

Regardless Jacqueline is a joy in our lives & others.
We love you!