Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Haircuts

Yesterday 3 of the 5 of us residing in our house got a hair cut.

I had a coupon for Great Clips that expires so I went for my quarterly cut.
I got my hair "thinned" as it was REALLY thick! It grows so fast!
Thankfully there is a lot less hair on my head now - I'm all about less hair on everyone! : )

Since it was taking forever & I had 2 coupons & Julia starts school in 3 weeks, I thought why not her. Julia got her first official "real" hair cut!
Not that it looks drastically different, still short "like a boy," it looks much better than my work. She also really enjoyed the experience, super excited to get in the chair & look at herself in mirror. She started after me & finished before me!

J-Dog went to Dog Spot for his biannual, sometimes quarterly, hair cut & bath.
Somehow the reservation was mistakenly for a "summer shave" which is quite short. When Jai dropped him off, the worker asked him if he was sure! : )
Jai told me later about this "mistake" & after some discussion, we decided this is a good choice. He has TOO much hair plus it is hot so this is a win-win for everyone ... right?

In the car, Julia says the dog is SO hairy, now he will be so bald!
I'm slightly nervous about this decision, but excited when he arrived home with Jai that evening. J-dog looks like a larger version of his puppy self - so adorable, long, skinny.

Side note: He definitely looks skinny despite his visit to vet 2 weeks ago & he weighs 10 pounds more than last year! He eats those toddler scraps from the high chair! : )

Anyway, hopefully we all feel more light & beautiful with our new hairdo's! : )