Monday, July 22, 2013

Tetanus shot 2013

Ouch! That shot hurt!

Today I went to MNPS clinic for my annual well woman check & the nurse asked me about tetanus. There was anything in my record with date of last shot. I know I had to get 1 before working for MNPS in 2000. Best practice is to get the shot every 10 years. I think I had 1 in past 13 years, but not sure if before or after Julia was born, definitely note in 2 years since I got pregnant with Jacqueline.

Since I work with children & have children, I thought let's do it. I'd rather be safe. Ironically Julia asked me if I would get a shot (Jacqueline always gets 1, Julia sometimes does when we go to clinic) at my appointment. I nonchalantly said "no, not me, I'm an adult, I don't get shots any more."

Ha! Yes I did! : )