Saturday, July 6, 2013

quotes from Road Trip 2013

Nashville, TN to Greenville, North Carolina from June 30-July 6
Fun road trip with Jai, Tara, Julia, Jacqueline, Susie in the mini-van - woo hoo!!

Most of these are courtesy of Julia ... of course! : )

"I am a girlfriend; I don't know who's girlfriend I am, but I am a girlfriend ... my boyfriend likes jello."

Later that evening while the females were hanging out in room #2 of the lovely Days Inn
(Jai got a "Night In" alone in room #1)
We're watching a movie in the dark while I am nursing Jacqueline to sleep (not that it worked!).
"This is not a feeding place! This is a movie theater."

Beach Day at Nags Head in Outer Banks (about 2 1/2 hours from Greenville)
As we're leaving the beach area, driving back to G'ville ...
"Bye beach, thanks for the waves!"

Marque we saw on the drive in anticipation of Independence Day tomorrow.
"Happy Birthday America"
Julia says "Happy Birthday Barack Obama!"

7/7/13 after returning home to N'ville after Julia's early morning fall on Saturday at Asheville hotel
When asked to do some task, Julia's response: "I cannot. I'm wounded."