Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Straw Experiment

Again an old title post with no hint of intended prose (July, now it is November).
I believe this is related to Miss Jacqueline's fascination (probably most toddlers) with straws.
However, she took it to a new level (again maybe this is typical of other toddlers & we just think ours is brilliant). She had this water bottle that has a "straw" part that flips up,  but sometimes is not best conveyor of beverage. We must have been at a restaurant & she was done with her meal (surprising since she's always hungry and/or eating!); we don't typically have straws in our house. So Jac decides to take the straw and attach it to this bottle. It's not easy to do, at least for a year and half year old's coordination. However, she perseveres, seriously determined & focused, not really frustrated, she just keeps working at it. Then triumph and you should have seen the pleasure on her face. So happy - she did it!