Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adopted Mexican Boy

This is a post I meant to write MANY months ago; however, as often happens I forgot.
Seeing my younger sister while in NC reminded me! We laughed & laughed about it again last week.

Lisa has some photos of the girls on her phone. There is 1 of Julia from the summer before Jacqueline was born. It definitely is 1 in her very short "boy" hair stage. She's probably not wearing pink & is very brown from a summer at Y pool. Apparently she showed the photo to a classmate; the response was something like "that's so cool that your sister adopted a little boy from Mexico."

Come on ... Adopted? Does she not look like me at all?!
I know that is NOT true! I've seen my baby photos!

Seriously? Mexican?!
Not that there is anything wrong with Mexico, but how do you get that?

Really? Boy?
I keep her hair short because it is easier & she wears a variety of clothes' colors.

Actually this is a common mistake - probably heard once a week, actually it happened today.
Julia usually is cool with it, corrects the person.
Today she matter of factly said "she's a girl" when a boy whispered to me "is he a girl?"
Julia was sitting right next to me & heard of course.

Funny & interesting story about gender, race & biology/family! : )