Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quick Hands, Fast Feet

That is the new phrase to describe Miss Julia. She is so quick! She grabs for everything and moves like lightning, like a flash before you realize it. Thank goodness the gates are on the staircase.

Julia is REALLY strong and pulls herself UP quite well. We noticed she was doing it more & more on the sides of the Pack-N-Play and her crib; then she was on her knees with her head above the side. When Jai got home from work, he lowered the mattress in both beds. We were afraid she'd leap out!

Next is child proofing the house because Julia is crawling a bit, well, really she's crawling quite well. One of Jai's dad books suggests we get down on the ground and crawl on our hands and knees to imagine what would be accessible and interesting to her eyes. I am sure there is SO MUCH! The girl is curious anyway!