Sunday, June 28, 2009


We went to the drive-in last night in Franklin, KY.

This has become an annual summer tradition with our couple friends, Kevin & Anne Marie. We carpool since it is $12 a carload, more the merrier and save on gas, too.

K & AM met at our wedding; they were both attendants in our wedding party. Kevin went to high school with Jai; Anne Marie and I met about 8 years ago through a mutual friend. They got married the summer after us; Jai and I were attendants in their wedding party. I was Anne Marie's Matron of Honor. : )

The last time we went to the drive-in was June 2008; Anne Marie was about 8 months pregnant. I was about 3 months pregnant and we told them our happy news!

This year we had 2 additions in Sam (11 months) and Julia (6 months). Carpooling was a new challenge since we have car seats to consider. Also neither of us has a vehicle that holds more than 5 - no mini-van yet. Jai knows I love mini-vans, wanted one even before we considered having children. He doesn't understand; I try to explain my time at Oasis Center and driving young people to service learning projects in vans. I guess it's a practical thing.

$12 is a good deal for the 3 of us, especially since we don't have to get a babysitter. It costs $7/person for a matinée (show before 3pm - RIP OFF!) at Regal Cinema now.
Bonus - you can bring your own snacks.

However, we like to talk, catch up with our friends, while driving to Franklin, so we brainstormed some solutions. None of us could think of someone with a van to borrow. Renting one seems to defeat the purpose of saving money.

Final solution: Kevin borrowed his dad's Cadillac which has a front seat that fits 3 people, adults only, though comfort seemed an issue. The children in their car seats were in the back. Somehow Tara got selected as the person to be in the middle of those car seats.

It was an adventure. We enjoyed our time in the great outdoors under the stars as we watched "Night at the Museum 2." We ate our snacks. The babies fell asleep in their dads' arms.

One of our favorite lines was a comment to the 'Oscar the Grouch' character: "you're not so much evil ... more grouchy." : )

A few weeks ago we saw was "The Hangover." That was HILARIOUS! Bonnie & Buddy watched Julia. THANK YOU!

However, before that, the last movie we saw was "Benjamin Button"... in February. OMG! That is a LONG time for us, especially Tara.

I suspect that the drive-in will be a frequent destination for our family. Next time I'm getting a funnel cake. I could wait for the State Fair, but that's September. Why wait! : )