Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Monthiversary To Me

I am this happy because I am 6 months old and cute. Actually, the only time I'm not this happy is when my gums hurt...my first tooth is almost here!Julia giggles
My Dad said its OK for me to say I'm cute but in a few years people will think I'm arrogant. Mom says I can say I'm cute as long as I have smarts to back it up.

Side Note: last Friday we went to the doctor for my 6 month well child visit; I got two more shots. : ( I weigh 12.13 pounds, grew another 1 inch and cm in my length and head circumference. My weight is always a concern to my mom; it is not double my birth weight which she hears is important. However, as always, I'm doing fine as everyone else tells her, meeting all kinds of developmental milestones like sitting up more, rolling over, pulling up, grabbing & holding onto things. Of course, I impress the doctor with my mad skills and I'm adorable and alert. I haven't been sick once, thanks to that awesome breast milk I get, and I'm growing fine. They tell me we have a weight check in 3 weeks - not necessary, but I follow the adults.