Monday, June 22, 2009

CHICAGO - first trip!

We flew to Chicago for Father's Day weekend to visit Jai's relatives. They had not met Julia yet.

It was Julia's first trip out of Nashville and first plane ride. She did AWESOME!

Despite an incredibly long delay leaving Nashville because of some bad weather in Chicago, Julia was a model traveler. She did much better than me! We'd heard that take-off and landings might be a problem and that breastfeeding can help. Julia wasn't interested -she'd already eaten. : )

However, she was enthralled by the plane's movements and stared out the window at the bright lights of Nashville as we left the city. Utterly captivated!

Adorable and amazing this child of ours is.

Next trip is a road trip to NC to see my family ... shall be a much LONGER adventure. Hope we make it there & back! : )