Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Wedding Anniversary

We had a wonderful time at dinner at a local Asian restaurant in our neighborhood, Watanabe in Riverside Village. It was great to be alone, first meal without Julia. We actually talked about a few topics other than Julia! : )

We got to eat at a leisurely pace (anything is slower than the "shovel it in fast" method!) from appetizers, soup & salad, rolls and dessert. We got the combo tempura, miso soup and seaweed salad, and unique & attractive Firefly & Spider sushi rolls. Dessert was a beautiful fried ice cream concoction that we got to go because we knew our time was limited (that was something to eat there).

It was all yummy!

Thanks, Rose Mary, for watching Julia for us. We know it was a mutually beneficial arrangement, but it is greatly appreciated!

It was nice to celebrate 4 years of marriage and 6 months of parenthood - lots of happiness!