Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Julia's AFRO!

While cleaning (future post-dated post to be written soon I hope) in bathroom closet, I found this comb/pick. I don't use a pick, but it probably came in a package with comb & I kept it. I throw away lots of things, but you never know when someone might need a pick. : ) So anyway I decide to put it in cup on sink counter that holds girls' brush & comb, not really thinking that anyone will notice. I don't know what I was thinking - of course, Julia would notice. I'm surprised Jacqueline hasn't, but she's not really into hair yet. ANYWAY, Julia started messing with it, using it on her hair. Whew, buddy! She blows out her hair into quite an afro.

Obviously it is time for her "back to school" haircut. Actually it is. Darn! Another item for To Do list. :( : )

Regardless, every night that girl is using that pick on her hair. Also I got bottle of Beautiful Curls detangler & leave-in conditioner for all us "girls" to use (love that stuff) & she likes it so she puts that on hair too. HILARIOUS! You know she really wants some long hair to swing around like all her classmates were doing last year. Nope, not going to happen ... until she plans to take care of her hair, it is staying short & I usually cut their hair. Maybe the afro will be her thing! : )