Thursday, July 3, 2014

NC text quotes

Strange title I'm sure it seems to anyone unaware of this tradition we started a few years ago - not texting since that's recent, but fun quotes from road trips, usually found from driving on country roads in NC.

Yesterday we drove to beach at Emerald Isle & I starting texting them to Jai (my dad was driving!). It's random & out of context so it can be confusing. Jai's responses were probably just as funny as he tried to guess where we were. I guess he didn't know we were in car. Sometimes I remember to write down name of church, most times I do not. Anyway here goes some of them. Enjoy! : )

1. Remember to take Jesus on your vacation (Pelletier Free Will Baptist Church)
This might be 1 of my favorites. Jai guessed Cracker Barrel. HA!
I also thought "like we would leave Jesus behind in Nashville. He rides shotgun!" : )
2. We are not Dairy Queen, but we have Sundays
3. God Bless the USA (this one is from 2013, but it has to be listed)

There were only 2 quotes I found in phone, thought there were more, definitely some good ones last summer! These quotes are good times. Also calling Niki when I see crazy stuff when I'm driving. Like prostitutes or people wearing fur coats when it is 100 degrees in August. Happy Summer! : )

Addition on 8/3/14
While walking Johnders this morning, I saw this gem on sign at Eastwood Baptist Church.
7 days without God makes you weak