Thursday, July 24, 2014

Menopause ...What?!!?

Yep, that's the title. WTF is what I said!! I don't understand.

I referenced "hormonal changes" in my June 3 DietBet post. Well, I keep notes in calendar of my menstrual cycle (surprise, surprise!) & some weird (for me) happenings last few months. Unusual is better term, not weird really, just atypical since I'm regular kind of woman. Anyway I have my annual well woman checkup in July so I thought perfect opportunity to discuss this concern with my medical provider. Marty (nurse practitioner extraordinaire at MNPS Bransford clinic, love her!) says "why don't we check your hormonal levels as well as thyroid, make sure all is normal."

Well, it is NOT normal! She calls me next day (yep, results are that fast at clinic, again love them!!) & says "You are in middle of menopause." Again WTF! I don't understand. At this point, I'm a week away from next birthday, yes, I'm in 40's, but I'm not 50! I thought maybe I misheard Marty, but I looked at numbers when I received copy of lab results. Some numbers look like I've almost shut down shop!

Not sure what is next step. According to my mom's recollection of her menopausal experience (some of which I remember!) it is process, years, not months. Hopefully hot flashes will be nice since I'm frequently cold. At least I might be done before Julia hits puberty though it seems like that girl is already there!

I'll read that chapter in Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I skipped it 7 years ago when we were trying to get pregnant. No kidding that clock was ticking!. Schedule follow-up with Marty. Fun times are a-comin'! : )