Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer 2014 projects

This is list I wrote on June 4 I think. : )
Many of these tasks have been on a list for a long time.
Highlighted/crossed out items are ones accomplished ... some will get moved to new list, hopefully not many!
Highlighted items are in progress ... not quite completed! Close, but no cigar. : )

  • hang rod & curtain in doorway of Tara's office
  • contact company re: garage renovation (now has become basement project)
  • Julia ride Bike (independently, even with training wheels)
  • Jacqueline potty trained
  • Julia write comic (something she & Jai were doing together) - I really don't know re: its status
  • Get additional needed camping gear & supplies (go to Friedman's, yard sales, Amazon)
  • organize & clean (basement, garage, Jai's office, Tara's office) - Jai did office while we were in NC
  • Go to Y outdoor pool often - duh, like this wouldn't happen!
  • Get "new" lawn mower (pawn shop, Goodwill, FreeCycle before purchase @ Home Depot)
  • Get picnic table - Julia & Jai DIY project, very colorfully painted!
  • BUGS - find solution (company we'd hired for 2 years wasn't doing it!) - hired new company, better
  • Fix basement door knob & handle
  • Fix cot (been in Tara's office for years, Julia broke it after we'd had it for a week!)
  • Fix back door handle - this was recent addition, but really concerned re: personal & house safety)
  • piano tuned, lessons for Julia

Here's August & future lists. Happy Reading!
Mid-August update, these Highlighted/crossed out items have been completed. : )

Deadline: August 31

  1. drill hole in middle of picnic table
  2. get umbrella for picnic table
  3. hang Nicaraguan breastfeeding picture (finally got frame!!!, gift received when Jacqueline was baby!)
  4. get frames for 2 more items (Jac's Mother's Day poem [original one broke], RPCV poster)
  5. continue potty training efforts with Jac
  6. Tree work done (week of Aug. 4 or 11) (removed TALL hemlock & holly bushes from front)
  7. Tennis date with friend (Tara)
  8. Dude date with friend (Jai)
  9. Trim shrubs (front & back), vines on mailbox - Jai doesn't want to do this, cannot barely see box!
  10. Date Night (Aug. 2 girls @ Parents Night Out, Aug. 9 girls @ Bonnie) - until September, yay!!!!

Deadline: January 2015

  • piano tuned, lessons for Julia
  • regular weekly tennis play (with friend or join league) (Tara)
  • consistent daily & weekly Exercise schedule (BOTH)
  • Lose at least 2 pounds per month (BOTH) - June 2015 goal: Tara (25 lbs), Jai (50 lbs)
  • decide on plan for 10 year wedding anniversary celebration in June 2015 (BOTH)
  • Jacqueline is potty trained! (BOTH/Jai)
  • monthly dude date with friend (Jai)
  • Garage purge - every Saturday in August (until done!) for 2 hours - see notes below

GOAL: fill trash can weekly (not typical occurrence), take appropriate items to Trinity Lane

  1. toilet (been there for 2.5 years!)
  2. "upstairs" loft area - what is up there??!!
  3. hang bike(s) - GET bike for Tara (hers stolen 2-3 years ago!)
  4. wood shop area - clean & organize it!
  5. sweep out leave, cobwebs
  6. LOTS MORE!!!