Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tara!

This is what I wrote to my friends on day before my birthday! : )

Dear Friends!
Well, today is my last day as 43 ... OMG! I cannot believe I am "mid-40's" - HA!
Yep, though I am a planner, I am now sending email with plan for dinner tomorrow.
Nothing fancy or wild, but craving some Drunken Fried Rice so Thai it is.
I'm getting it Medium too - kids will have to get another dish!
We heard Pad Thai Kitchen on W. Eastland closed so this is our other favorite place in East Nashville.
Friday, August 1
5:30pm - yes, we eat early.
We're basically senior citizens with young children!
207 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37213
(615) 248-7933
If you want to join us, come on!

It was fun. 15 people total, 9 adults, 5 kids.
We had interesting service, not typical, but kept us guessing. 
Also they bought a cake & sang "Happy Birthday" - that was hilarious!

We'll probably still have some folks over later in August for casual back yard "party."
Grill meat, kids play in baby pool, nothing fancy AT ALL!