Monday, July 21, 2014

July quotes from Julia

I know there are more, gosh, there are so many!
However, if I don't write them down, it's gone in a flash ... like Julia! : )
Thankfully my sister wrote 2 down & I got this 1 down before memory fails.
Ahh, the almost 44 year old brain is so tired. Gosh, I am almost 44! That is crazy!

while visiting with 2 friends & telling Julia story about how she talks lots.
I remembered this one which actually happened in June - AMAZING!
So glad Susie wrote this one down - classic. : )

Backstory - I asked Julia to stop talking ... you know why.
Julia: "I really like to talk. I have lots to say!" (also said with lots of enthusiasm & volume)

Lunch @ Sushi Train with friends Anne Marie & almost 6 year old son, Sam (Julia's peer since pregnancy)
Julia & Jac running around restaurant like crazy people. It was bad. I was so embarrassed.
Sam: "Is this a playground or a restaurant?"
I kid you not, he said this. Ahh, out of the mouth of babes, right????!!!!
I am over taking my children to restaurants. Hey, this will save me money too!

Memphis for Jai's family reunion, at pool with few children @ reunion other than mine
Really sweet girl close to Julia's age whom she'd played with endlessly night before & during morning tour.
However, I guess Julia had reached her limit.
Julia: (in whisper at side of pool where I am) "I am pissed off @ ...."
Really! What happened?
Nothing probably other than someone else talking to her as much as Julia talks to everyone else.

Like I already wrote, I am sure there are more, but unless they are repeated, it's gone! Until next time I remember! : )