Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thanks, Nicole Kidman!

I wish I could write that I met her or saw her like my friend did at church.
Reading this quote from billboard while driving on interstate is next best thing, right?!?!
HAHA! I'm such a comedian.

Seriously though I thought this was cool advertisement.
Important message, using your star power appropriately.

"I'm part of the story. Are you?"
- Nicole Kidman
part of NPL Foundation campaign
(NPL = Nashville Public Library)

What is the story? Giving money to support NPL? I hope so because that is needed.
What is that other quote about "great library = great city"?
NPL provides lots of wonderful services beyond traditional book lending.

  • I am very grateful for borrowing books since we no longer buy books unless for kids' birthdays. 
  • We love participating in Summer Reading Challenge - all of us. 
  • Going to local branch where they know us by name. 
  • Visiting branches for programs like Storytime at Main NPL which we have not done this summer!

I remember one year I made a donation for my nephew's birthday - thought it was a cool idea.
My brother was pissed (since I didn't give him anything else!). I guess I could have gotten him a book too.
I was young & carefree, no kids yet - still in my 20s! : )