Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I love doing homework & other great quotes

Yep, those words were said by 5 year old daughter ... during SUMMER vacation.

At end of year, students received a bag full of various materials, including some artwork, but also workbooks & instructions to encourage students to read during summer etc.

On 6/13, while we were on vacation in Chicago, Julia was writing letters & words in her handwriting workbook. We heard her say "I love doing HW."

On 6/29, while assisting Susie with making batch of green smoothies. Julia was tasting it.
She then found me to declare "Delicious ... like sweet grass. I like green smoothie." Really - you know what grass tastes like. Sweet?!

On 7/2, while on vacation in NC, at beach, she shared about her experience with the ocean.
"The wave spanked me ... then I spanked the wave back!"

Where do these phrase gems come from? Oh, to be in the mind of a kid. : )