Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visit PDOs for Jacqueline

It is time for Jacqueline to go to school. YEAH!!! : )
It really is a good thing for everyone, especially around this 2.5 year age.
Emotions run high! Tempers flare! Balance is needed in universe.

We started talking about where she would attend school back in January actually as we contemplated enrolling her sooner than Julia. Having 2nd child has really impacted all of us, but particular Jai being stay-at-home parent. We started tours in April & May as we had learned about more since Julia enrolled at Inglewood UMC's PDO.

1. Inglewood UMC - learned that director was retiring, no one hired yet.
So we got on waiting list, but didn't pay registration fee to hold spot.
2. Dalewood Baptist - much cheaper we discovered years ago so hoping this might be good fit.
Jai & Jac visited. Learned that director was retiring, no one hired yet. Trend!
We got on waiting list, but didn't pay registration fee to hold spot.
However, didn't really like look/vibe - something not right, so not too concerned.
3. Dalewood UMC - learned from parent of former PDO classmate of Julia's about this NEW place.
It's called a Creative Preschool, run by retired Pre-K MNPS teacher. Fee is slightly more, but not crazy!
We checked it out today. Really liked it. Still really close to home. Also runs from 9a-3p - SWING!
Completed registration paperwork & paid registration fee next day!

We got info about getting ready. Guess what?! Start date is way earlier than expected... in August! Basically they follow MNPS calendar which other PDOs do also, but Julia started after Labor Day. This is fantastic. We'll all start within days of each other so we'll get routine established soon.

Awesome sauce!!!! I am probably most happy for Jai. This way he can have some breaks. Hopefully will be easier to schedule appointments, consistent exercise routine, accomplish some tasks, find job. : )