Monday, June 30, 2014

New job for Tara

I decided to transfer this year, at least be looking for schools near home. Even though 11 miles one way might be nothing to some, I am over it. Also with little kids, it would be nice to be closer.

I completed transfer process in March & started looking & talking with people around MNPS, especially keeping eyes open for retirements. There were a few, particularly in East Nashville area, it was amazing. Sadly I applied, but nothing panned out, jobs went to others. I even applied at schools I wasn't interested, but it was good experience. You are not desperate, but can practice your answers. : )

Actually interestingly it made me ponder what I was doing, what are my goals at year 15, where am I headed. I knew it wasn't the right fit, but questioning "what is it I want." Ironically at this interview I saw counselor leaving her interview, then she got the job, so her school was open. I still wasn't thinking about that school as it wasn't in East Nashville, but my coordinator encouraged me & I talked with counselor. I emailed principal. We met next day & I got an offer. I accepted.

During the 2014-15 school year I will be School Counselor at Amqui Elementary School.
It is about 300 fewer students than PMES and 5.8 miles away from home.
Madison is much better commute for me - straight North, no traffic.

Good deal! : )