Sunday, March 30, 2014

SB 2014 Staycation

This year was filled with lots of home activities, some 2-4 hours driving excursions, no flights.
We went to Main NPL 4x (twice with me, twice with Jai). We saw "Sky Bear" puppet show.
We went to Zoo 2x - once it was packed, one time it was afternoon, overcast, nicely not crowded.

We went to Sewanee for lunch, then Atlanta for quick overnight to see cousin Grace.
We ate at the yummy locally sourced Yeah Burger!
Girls & I drove to Smith County & visited a friend I hadn't seen in a year.

Jai & I both got massages.
I had a pedicure with a girlfriend as well as lunch at a new place with a Groupon.
Brunch with local Moms Club.

Cheaper than 4 tickets to Arizona like last year, less stressful.
One big bummer was the crappy weather. Chilly & rainy! It snowed!

Good times overall! Looking forward to Summer Break & lots of pool time. : )