Friday, March 14, 2014

amusing tidbits

Usually I write some description of funny comments Julia makes. Typically that is what you might expect from my title. I also try to not comment much about work - you know, want to keep my job. : )

Recently I was looking at some page on MNPS webpage, related to HR or something like that I think, where there are images of different staff people, I assume who work for the district.

1. Man leaning on a counter, not sure if he's in a classroom, smiling at camera, not sure what he's doing ... he looks Asian ... really? How many Asian men are working for MNPS?
I'm just saying. Maybe there are more than I realize.

2. Teacher writing on board ... using chalk ... really? Are there any chalkboards left?
Actually there is 1 in the community room at Julia's school. I wrote on it & it was so strange to use chalk!
So old school!