Wednesday, March 5, 2014

First Adult Tooth

Julia lost her first official baby tooth and now is growing an adult one!
That is what she says - " I am growing an adult tooth." : )
Julia legitimately lost her bottom one which was first tooth she got at 9-10 months old.

OK - this is either a weird geeky thing or parent thing or both, but I got so excited as I looked at her loose tooth. Not really the loose tooth, but what I saw BEHIND it! Evidence of this new adult tooth, these little tooth buds, it's SO neat. I don't know why it's cool, but it is. Proof of new life!

Julia has been a combination of fear and pain the past 2 weeks. I don't remember the pain of loose teeth, but it seems to be painful as I watch both girls throughout this teething process. When we talked about options, said we could pull the tooth out, but it might not be ready, might hurt more, Julia said no to that! Or we could wait, let it happen naturally, but not know when it will happen. "I am afraid" is what she said. Fear of unknown is so crippling, paralyzing.

This morning, on our 3rd snow day at home, Julia runs up to me & excitedly says "it's out, it came out!" She is smiling, beaming, so happy, so relieved!. Then she hands me the tooth - that I was NOT excited to receive. : )

Now we have to put it under her pillow & see what Tooth Fairy brings ...