Friday, March 28, 2014

Leave me alone Julia

Yep, those words were said by Jacqueline & clearly understood by me, which honestly is a challenge for me. Both Jai & Julia are good at deciphering what Jac says, way better than me.
I suspect that future blog posts will have more funny comments by someone other than Julia! : )
Jacqueline is a live wire, much more than Julia which is not what we expected.

Of course Jac's statement followed Julia saying almost same thing to her as they played on couch.: )

Soon after we had another confrontation with words between mom & sisters.
Julia was using crayons on new Hello Kitty lunch box my sister sent to ME.
Yeah, like that's going to happen! My sister's note specified it, but I doubt it will last.
I told Julia to stop doing that with crayons - "paper only."
Of course she didn't stop - annoyed by this independent phase of both girls yet I know it is healthy part of their development, I don't like "no."

Jacqueline chimes in & semi repeats my instructions to Julia - "stop writing."
Tara: "Listen to her" I say to Julia.
Jac: "Listen to me."