Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Regal Summer Movie Express

nashville fun for families regal summer movie express

Mark your calendar & get ready for some awesome summer FUN!

Regal Summer Movie Express starts soon.  There are 2 movie choices each week on Tuesday and Wednesday morning for $1!  This is a favorite activity to do with our kids in the summer. After hot days at the pool, park, playground, time in a cool movie theater is a welcome reprieve.

Some suggestions:
  • Go Early! Daycares, camps & preschools attend these movies too. Theaters fill quickly. Be there by 9:45AM.
  • Concessions are open; everything is standard concession price. I suggest packing a small snack.
  • It is usually LOUD. Kids outnumber adults; most are not quiet. We, like lots of parents, have brought a young child that we would not bring to a movie usually.  Expect lots of bored toddler behavior. Whew last summer with Jacqueline was an up & down occasion, luckily I went with Jai or another adult friend so they watched Julia. Hopefully she'll sit still longer this summer.
We always have a great time! It is a deal to entertain your kids for $1, worth inconvenience!

You can participate in Regal’s Summer Movie Express at these locations:

June 3  is the start date for all these theaters.  Here is a complete list. So excited!

WeekTitleRatingStart Time
1Hotel TransylvaniaPG10am
1The Smurfs 2PG10am
2Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2PG10am
2The Pirates: Band of MisfitsPG10am
3Arthur ChristmasPG10am
3Despicable Me 2PG10am
4Free BirdsPG10am
5Adventures of TinTinPG10am
5Rise of the GuardiansPG10am
6Kung Fu Panda 2PG10am
6Madagascar 3PG10am
7The CroodsPG10am
8Walking with DinosaursPG10am
9Mr. Peabody & ShermanPG10am
9Rio 2PG10am