Monday, March 24, 2014

Bedtime Reading - never boring!

Last few nights it is this cool book about seafaring adventures (I don't know the exact title!) where you search for different items in picture on each page, different theme on each page. 4 of this, 12 of that, 2 of this creature, etc. It's like a brainteaser. I love it almost as much as Julia does! We go through phases where we read it often, then put it away for awhile. We haven't read it in a few months.

Tonight as we're looking for each item, she says "let me show you something." She turns the pages to end of book where there are the answers! Seems like cheating, but it can be challenging to find everything even with 2 sets of eyes searching. It actually is really helpful & still fun. We both want to find everything, she definitely is competitive like me! : )