Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gary Larson ... read by a 5 year old

Both girls LOVE to raid our bookshelves, especially the small inspirational books. That I don't like. However, Julia sometimes wants to look at my Laura Ingalls Wilder book set. That I do like. : ) 

Well, the last few days the popular book for Julia has been this OLD Gary Larson comic strip book. Most of the characters/stories are about animals so I get Julia's interest in it. She LOVES animals! However, as we read it each night before bed - yes, this is her bedtime story, her choice - we look at picture, read caption/description & discuss what it means. Usually I laugh as I haven't looked at this book in YEARS!
I really liked Gary Larson! Then Julia laughs along with me ... and she gets it. 

Come on, is that normal? Do most 5 year old kids read AND understand Gary Larson material? I doubt it. Jai & I laughed about it, kind of amazed, then look at each other as we typically do & remark "that's not right." Seriously something is wrong with her - maybe in a good way ... hopefully in a good way! : )