Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cornerstone Indoor Playground

Awesome Sauce! This place is fantastic!

Here's a link to more info about this awesome place that is FREE!

We went for first time this morning. We met another friend & her son & saw a bunch of other neighborhood folks from local Moms Club. FUN!!!

They're open 10:30a-3pm on M-F (except W because they clean the playground). I mentioned it is FREE! Going on Thursday is good idea since it's the cleanest it will be, but the fact that it's shut down for a cleaning day & still free is AMAZING! Also so close to us, super convenient.

I'd heard about it last year when I joined the Moms Club, but never went for various reasons, mainly because I didn't think Jacqueline was ready, then Julia started school & I forgot about it. There's an area for crawlers or new walkers that would have totally worked. It's all contained so feels more safe than other play gym places like Jungle Gym at zoo. It is perfect for hot, rainy, cold days or just need a quick place to burn off some energy. 

Jac is wiped out, asleep. I hoped Julia would do the same ... nope, coloring, singing, making usual amount of noise which is annoying. I bribed her with promise of treat if she'd go in guest room & leave me alone for an hour. 

UGH! I love breaks, but I'll be ready to go back to work on Monday. : ) Jai will be too as he totally gets thrown off routine when I'm home. Forgets to clean, cook, thinks since another adult is around that I'll just do it. I do some, but routine is good for everyone so keep to it I say. I still make breakfast smoothie & toast every morning M-F regardless of breaks.

Totally on a tangent, but I'm going to finish my thought. I cleaned the house thoroughly on Monday - couldn't stand it! I still need to clean blinds. I also cooked dinner last night & a few times last week. He's so funny, doesn't like confinements, rules, structure if he doesn't decide, doesn't get hungry like 3 females in house. We're adults - come on!

Anyway, Jai was supposed to come with us as I had dentist appointment & I would meet them there. But he misplaced his wallet, long story, so I came home & we were late to meet friend. I really wanted him to know where it is & hope he'll bring Jac once a week as it'd be a win-win for both of them. I think she'd take longer naps if he ran her around more too. : )

End note - this place is a total winner. Go as soon as you can!