Monday, December 1, 2008

Midwife Visits # 5-9

I haven't written much about my recent midwife appointments. I started going more frequently so I couldn't keep up plus they're not that different. I arrive, nurse gets my weight and blood pressure, I wait to see the midwife, I have a list of issues and questions, we converse, it is pleasant.

Between visits # 5 and 6 (only 3 weeks), I gained 10 pounds so that's not anything to rush home and write! : ) I don't know what happened - maybe too many Gigi's cupcakes, Cheetos and tater tots from Sonic (yes, these have been my pregnancy vices) - and not enough biking and water aerobics. Fortunately when I returned 2 weeks later, I was at the same weight - 10 pounds in 5 weeks was more acceptable. Actually the past 2 weeks I have gained minimal weight - 1-2 pounds thankfully.

I joked with the nurse about taking off my shoes, bracelet, earrings, anything I could. Maybe I'll stop looking at the number; however, I doubt that will happen - I like to know the number. Same with my blood pressure which rarely differs - usually 110/68 t0 115/75. Jai is SO jealous since he really struggles with his blood pressure. Even being pregnant and carrying an extra 35 pounds is not making it change.

What else?
Heartburn is still happening. I'm hoping for some relief when the baby drops, but so far no such luck (in droppage or heartburn cessation). Midwife says it might not decrease - hormones or something. Even if the heartburn persists I wish the baby's butt would get out of my chest, it's so HIGH! (what does that mean - boy or girl?)

Breastfeeding - really curious, nervous, excited to see how it all works. I'm determined to make it happen. It's FREE, always perfect for your baby, available at any time, easily digestible, and FREE. Formula is expensive, requires equipment, not always digestible, potentially contributes to possible allergies, and recently we read about some recalls. Breast milk doesn't get recalled.
  • The midwife gave me some good suggestions and resources. Not a surprise! : )
  • I've read 2-3 books from the library. Good information!
  • I attended a La Leche League (LLL) meeting in November. Really nice women!
At this point, I plan to work with the lactaction consultant at the hospital and utilize the doula gift certificate. I also have support from Jai and Bonnie, my 2 most important champions in this effort. I intend to attend LLL meeting again, if not in December (depends on baby's arrival since near due date), definitely in January.

Birth Plan - gave them a copy to put in my file which will be in my chart at the hospital; one page, succinct and to the point, hoping all will be simple with no or few complications or meds necessary. The midwife is very encouraging and supportive of the no meds stance. I'm excited to do it - I'm really curious how my body will handle birth from the physical, mental and emotional perspectives.

Braxton-Hicks contractions - yep, I started to experience these suckers about 1-2 weeks ago. They are good preparation of the uterus for labor & delivery, bit of pressure, hardening of my belly. Good heads up of more intense contractions to come during the real deal. They are not too frequent (not more than 4 in an hour and not painful), just ever present as a reminder that birth is imminent. A baby will be here this month - we will be parents very soon!