Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Jai says people ask him whether I'm "nesting." His answer amuses me; actually the question amuses Jai because he asserts that I am always nesting in terms of organizing and cleaning. The role of cleaner for the most part is being played/performed by Jai the last month or so. I cannot get down there and clean stuff! It already takes me so much energy to take a shower, much less wield a mop.

Anyway, other than organizing stuff in the nursery which has been on-going as we acquired items, lately it has been "Kitchen Nesting." In particular the week of Thanksgiving when I was off from work (THANK GOODNESS!), I cooked up a storm. A serious storm! Ironically I didn't cook anything for Thanksgiving - I let Jai take that responsibility this year.

However, I cooked a ton of dishes to freeze. The title of week 38's "What To Expect" email was "Freeze It" and I did. I prepared penne pasta with marinara sauce, vegie lasagna, macaroni & cheese, tuna casserole, beefaroni, chicken pot pie, 2 soups (one with chicken, one vegetarian) and 3 desserts (banana bread, pumpkin bread and brownies).

We quickly ran out of room in our kitchen freezer so I sent Jai downstairs to the basement freezer with containers of food. On a funny note, he returned from the basement and said "there are a ton of bananas in that freezer." I forgot I had them - I put ripe bananas in the freezer and use them to make banana bread. Recently I couldn't believe I had run out, but there were no more in the kitchen freezer. This is really unusual because between co-workers who only like green bananas (slight exaggeration) and Bonnie, I always have lots of ripe ones and they make the best bread. Jai said "we'll run out of containers [for the many dishes I've created] before we run out of bananas!"

: )

Anyway, I exhausted myself which isn't good since I need more rest, not less, but somehow that seems to be part of the nesting phenomenon. Also all of the cooking really frustrated Jai - he kept asking "when do we get to eat all of this food?!" ... such a man comment. : ) I say "when the baby is here and we're too tired to get to the store and/or cook food." It is ready, take it from the freezer and throw it in the oven or a pot to heat. He'll thank me later!

I think I'm done with kitchen nesting. It really took a lot of energy and I need to conserve, especially since I don't sleep very well at night. I have enjoyed being pregnant for the most part, not many issues and complications, but I look forward to having my body back. The baby will control other parts of my body, but at least it will be different. Hopefully I won't have to go to the bathroom constantly or have persistent heartburn and I can sleep on my back ... I know, I know ... when I get sleep.

Jai did his own share of nesting last weekend. The mini-crib, crib mattress and changing pad arrived from Babyearth.com (company that uses organic cotton materials and eco-friendly & sustainable/renewable wood in their products). I discovered the mini-crib is available on Target's website so I'm a little sick that I used money instead of the plethora of Target gift cards we have. Anyway, he assembled the crib and it fits perfectly in the designated space in the nursery. He also secured the changing pad to the dresser so it is ready for diaper changing.

I put the crib sheets on the mattress and hung the two BEAUTIFUL knitted or crocheted blanklets we've received on the sides of the crib. It is a rockin' one (it can also be locked into a stationary position) which is really cool. Also the crib is light making it easy to move next to our bed which should be helpful and convenient with breastfeeding, especially in the middle of the night.

It really is looking like a nursery!