Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being Home Post-Delivery

Julia is serious about her breastfeeding so I haven't had much opportunity to check email or write many posts. I've been sleeping, eating or taking a shower (EVERY DAY is my goal). Like mother, like daughter are Julia and I - serious about food and sleep and cleanliness (well we clean her right now). Since getting home on Thursday, I have stayed in very comfortable clothes like my PJ's and today I put on "real" clothes and put in my contact lenses. Small things, but I felt like a real person! Maybe tomorrow I'll go outside and walk to the mailbox. : )

Many of you have asked about labor & delivery, especially with the many different & confusing emails that went out on Sunday & Monday about "No Baby Sanders yet." Then there was the "Draft: baby Sanders is here" email with the wrong birth date, then the correct date of December 9, both sent by Jai from home on Wednesday. We had some strange lack of internet connection at Vanderbilt Hospital, very odd and unexpected. We had the laptop as everyone suggested, but without internet, it is worthless for worldwide communication about the news of our daughter's birth. It actually has been quite a comedy of errors!

Anyway, I attempted to send the "No Baby Sanders yet" on Sunday morning and couldn't get it to go out and then Jai got it fixed that evening. I really thought Julia (formerly known as the baby) wasn't coming early, actually thought she would be late. I really had some misconceptions about how everything would go down, you know since I'm a rule follower, forgetting that there are ALL kinds of exceptions with pregnancy as well as L&D. I wrote about some of it in the "Dropping" post. Then there was the question of when would my water break and then of course the contractions.

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