Friday, December 5, 2008

Remaining Needs - a gift is not necessary

People have been extremely generous and we are grateful. Many folks have respected our requests and given us organic cotton or gently used items from thrift stores and yard sales instead of buying new, which we really appreciate. We believe there are so many non-retail gift options that are a better use of resources, less wasteful and less expensive, BUT if you are still interested in sharing your love with gifts we hope you will consider the following.

The nursery is basically complete, just waiting for the baby! : )

**Bluntly and truthfully, we need money or gift certificates for the diaper service. Recently we made a few BIG purchases (changing pad, crib mattress & crib). All are eco-friendly and therefore more expensive. We also signed up for the diaper service which is a weekly expense so cash [or check : )] is really welcome. If money is not your thing, you can give us "coupons" for babysitting.

**Books are always a great option. Unlike clothes, pacifiers and whatnot, books can be easily returned to any number of locations. If you want to buy books, shop local (Davis-Kidd, Fairytales Bookstore, if in Nashville) or shop online at Better World Books (check out Eco-Libris too). We already have several Dr. Seuss books as well as Goodnight Moon and Brown Bear, Brown, Bear so check with us about other popular titles we might already own.

**Another idea is a charitable donation. We received a gift in our baby's honor to Habitat for Humanity (thank you Fred & Barbara Cloud) as well as National Arbor Day Foundation's planting 25 Jack Pine trees (thanks Susie!). Another excellent charity in great need in Nashville, and probably at a similar organization in your community, is Second Harvest, a food bank. They can use financial as well as food donations during our current economic situation where need is high and donations are low.

** We suspect that some family & friends are waiting to know the gender so you can give us items in blue or pink or gender specific toys. Unless the items are gently used (i.e. your child used them), we'd rather not be a part of gender stereotyping. One of the reasons we didn't learn the gender before delivery was to avoid a lot of only one color. We like the variety and creativity that the surprise generates. Please join us "outside the box" where there truly is a rainbow of colors in addition to blue and pink. Besides, kids love them all.

Seriously, we do not need any more clothes, diapers, gadgets, gear...either we have it or we don't want it (although Jai can always find gear useful - no, don't encourage him!). We love gifts, but we don't want to nor will we have time to take a bunch of stuff back to a store we might not shop anyway (we are not Wal-Mart shoppers).

Thanks for your love and generosity, but try to keep our wishes and priorities in mind when you are shopping for a gift for our baby.

Respectfully, Tara & Jai

PS: Jai really wants to plant a big, expensive tree (Swamp White Oak) for the baby. He was told that it will be a good climbing tree in about 10 years. Talk to Jai or GroWild Nursery for details...