Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We didn't name a person at the hospital so the staff pediatricians provided care for Julia while we were there. We had met with one doctor in October and liked her. We tried to meet with some others, but found prenatal visits to be challenging to schedule (most don't do it). Ironically we had an appointment with a family practice doctor recommended by a friend for the Wednesday after Julia was born. We decided to go ahead and meet with this doctor for the 2 day discharge visit and see how she interacted with us and the baby. Luckily we were impressed with Dr. Robinson's presentation, she is extremely personable and knowledgeable. Another irony is that both Jai and I need new doctors because mine moved to another city while I was pregnant and using the midwifery center and Jai's doctor is having a baby in a few weeks. We're excited about the possibility of us all being in the same family practice. It is also close to our home so super blessing!