Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Joys of Julia - there are so many!

Julia is truly a sweet baby. She is content to sleep in someone's arms and she makes the most adorable facial expressions (purses those lips, coos, smiles) and noises (grunts, snorts). I find myself staring at her, seemingly for hours, which I have plenty of time while she nurses. Julia has long fingers which I find myself touching often (sometimes picking off her dry, flaky skin thanks to 9+ months surrounded by amniotic fluid). She also makes many motions with her hands and fingers, especially while she nurses, one which sometimes reminds me of a kitten kneading the mother cat's breast.

Julia is more alert each day, staring with such focus and attention. We're not sure who she recognizes yet. She seems to like to stare at the ceiling fans which is probably because babies see black and white contrast best at this age. She smiles more and more and soon she'll be holding her head up more strongly.

We try to read a book to her every day. The other day I realized Jai was reading something from EW to her and he also reads the newspaper with her. : ) We didn't read to her much while I was pregnant so we figured it is never too early to model reading and begin the practice and habit of daily reading.

Everyone, including us, refers to how beautiful Julia is. A few days after Julia's birth I started to feel uncomfortable about how much her beauty is referenced so we added a tag line about her intelligence, especially true because of her breastfeeding ability. "Beautiful (or cute or pretty) ... and smart" has become our new phrase.