Saturday, November 29, 2008

Call list

Tara sent out an email (below is some of the text) ...
Jesus, this IS real.

Technically there are 14 days until Dec. 13 … 2 weeks from today!
However, as my midwife says it really is a Due Month.
Anytime from Dec. 1 (38 weeks) to Dec. 27 (42 weeks) is possible.
Only 4 % of babies are born on the actual due date.
Anyway, in the process of preparing, we constructed a call list, kind of like a phone tree.
Jai will call certain people, then those people will contact a few others.
An email will be sent also so everyone will get the information eventually.
We’re not going to want lots of visitors at the hospital, especially as hopefully it should be a short stay (2 days).
THANKS for everyone’s love & support. We’re almost there!!!!
Love, Tara & Jai & baby : )