Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Father-Daughter Talks

Neither Tara nor I have said much recently and its time for that to change. 

Tara and Julia have been on an intense lactation diet for the last 3 weeks (Julia came in very light on her 2 month weigh in, details later). The adults are running on fumes and frayed at the edges Julia is living life to the fullest. She is laughing and smiling and kicking and chattering all the time, I think we are gonna get some notes from the teachers "Julia talks in class", "Julia won't stay in her seat", etc. 

When I last left you I talked about Julia the vampire well during this lactation crisis we have gotten so much information and so many suggestions that Tara's head is swimming and she is uncharacteristically indecisive. Some of which has to do with lack of sleep, some is too much info, and some is Julia the vampire sucking out her Mom's brains and confidence.

Last night Julia and I had the first of what I hope will be many quiet, one-on-one discussions. I felt I needed to explain that she had to help her mother by doing her part of the feeding. She had to try and stop falling asleep on the breast and she had to try and improve her latch. I told her how confident I was in her ability to do this and I explained that without her help an already difficult job (producing and feeding milk) was more difficult when she didn't do her part. Eventhough she didn't seem to pay much attention to me I knew when she smiled that she had understood what I was telling and asking of her.

Things are getting better already but I know now that they will get exponentiallly better.