Monday, March 30, 2009

5AM - another milestone

5am - Julia fell.

I was partially awake b/c she was screaming for food. I thought it was taking longer than normal but I heard Tara trying to calm her and then...THUMP and WAAAIIIILLLLLL.

I jumped out of bed and a very confused Julia was screaming in Tara's arms. Julia launched herself off the sofa onto the floor...thank God for cork flooring. She was responsive to noise and light, he allowed herself to be soothed, she ate, she spitup, she smiled, and she talked. We called the doctor but got no call back...5 1/2 hours later, as I am writing this, we still haven't gotten a callback. I'm quite disappointed about that b/c we really like Julia's doctor.

We watched her, she dozed. I poked her every 10 or 15 minutes if she was quiet and motionless just to make sure.

Tara just called. Julia ate again and I could hear her talking in the background.

We have been initiated.

See, Julia is kicking up a storm and when she has something to push against she takes advantage of that. This morning Tara turned away for a second, Julia, in her frustration kicked against the back of the sofa and tossed herself over the edge.