Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Future Gymnast

I took my hand off her for a second ... and that is all it takes. I reached for the Boppy pillow which I've done with one hand many times and I hear that dreaded thud sound. I look over in horror at my crying daughter FACE DOWN in the opposite direction. How did she do that?

Numbly I pick her up, hear Jai say something like "what happened?" and I reply "she fell." Luckily she seemed OK, mostly stunned I suspect, we didn't see any bruises or blood thankfully. Crying naturally from hitting the ground (thank goodness for cushy cork flooring) and of course she was hungry.

Jai said my face looked so sad and pathetic, like he couldn't look at me, it was so sad. I figured a fall was inevitable, at some point it would happen, children are movers, especially as they learn how their body works. As I told Jai, I hoped it wouldn't be on my watch ... not on my watch! Just like the first piece of "china" after we got married. I thought for sure it'd be Jai who broke some plate or bowl first; nope, it was me!

We've decided that Julia is destined for gymnastics - she has some strong legs and she used them to push against the back of the couch. First she was a breech presentation (we think when my water broke because she wasn't breech 4 days earlier at midwife appointment), now a flip off the couch.

In an earlier post Jai mentioned planting the tree in the front yard - a climbing tree. We had a GREAT tree in our front yard, awesome for climbing which my sister and brother and I did constantly. Luckily none of us ever broke a limb (on our body) [I fractured my collarbone playing touch/TACKLE football].

I hope we can say the same for Miss Julia. I suspect I will have more white hairs soon enough. : )