Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Nicknames

Droolia Julia - do you like the rhyme?
The girl can drool - started about 3 weeks ago. Gosh, it is a constant stream of usually clear liquid. Sometimes it is a milky color when she cannot keep all the breast milk in her. I'm always encouraging her to keep in her - it's good stuff, don't waste it. I work hard and she does too to get it in her. : )
Jai adds: She's not close to teething yet.
Another name that goes with drooling is Bubbles. She LOVES to make/blow bubbles with her mouth. She's really enjoying all things related to her mouth, especially now getting those thumbs in there successfully. I find myself constantly wiping her down and her clothes are usually soaked around the neck. Sometimes I have to walk away because it's so cute!

Monkey - I cannot think of anything to describe why I call her this, but it fits.
Jai adds: Monkey because she is all limbs, her arms and legs seem to all move in different directions at the same time.

Target Lady
- if you watch SNL then you know to what I refer. Hilarious skit depicting an enthusiastic Target employee (funniest skit ever might be the one with host Ben Affleck as a UPS delivery person with ... wait for it ... cornrolls who speaks for lack of a better description "ghetto"). Anyway, Miss Julia "talks" with enthusiasm quite often and raises her arm with a fist pump as if to say "that's great!"

Jai and I (and others) find ourselves smiling and laughing at Julia's expressions and behaviors FOREVER. Sometimes I have to make myself walk away - it's hard to get anything else done when you're surrounded by constant cuteness. We suspect that we might be creating a monster. You know when you shouldn't laugh when someone's doing something wrong because they'll think it's OK. Not that Julia's behavior is wrong, it's silly mostly.

Anyway, check in with us in a few years, especially during the "terrible two" year(s). : )