Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Before you know it

Much to the relief of Tara (and me - more b/c it is a relief to Tara) Julia weighed in at a whopping 10lb 6oz today. That means Julia has gained the optimal 1 oz/day. WOOOOHOOOO!

Tara adds: she also grew another 1 cm in head circumstance and 1/2 inch in length. She is a big headed, LONG baby! : )

Tara has struggled over this weight gain issue but I confidently and maybe a little naively said everything was fine. It is fine. Julia is eating her way to breast milk bliss!

Tara adds: yes, everything is fine. Thankfully Julia gains ... her way! We've decided that Julia is likely to be a small baby/child in width, maybe tall. She still wears 0-3 months clothes, but some are snug in the crotch/length area. Oh, well, she's cute!

Besides that she can grab her toes and she continues to babble continuously and smile when she catches a glimpse of me or Tara.

We can see it now...
Mr. S, Mrs J. If Julia applied herself to her schoolwork the way she applies herself to talking with friends she would be a "straight A" student.

Thanks to the family and friends who helped us.