Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SB 2013 - Phoenix - Day 6

"Are we there yet?"
Tuesday we visited Susie's school mid-morning. Just as Susie often does, I walked the 1/2 mile with girls, Julia walking, excited, skipping along while I pushed Jacqueline in the stroller. I am so glad I bought this stroller at consignment sale last year when we really didn't need another one; big wheels, high handles, decent sized basket are so wonderful.

Susie's school is nice, typical layout, large campus. She has a cool Technology classroom, really big; nice looking computers, big screen on wall for instruction. Friendly people - staff and students - who oohed and ahhed over the girls, especially Jacqueline. Susie had a 2nd grade class that arrived soon after we did. After interested inquiries from the students and introductions, Susie began instruction while Julia played on a computer in back while I changed diaper and nursed Jacqueline (in back with discretion!). Susie only had a brief break before having to cover detention for some group so we played on playground where I met some 5th grade students who asked if I was Ms. J's twin sister. One student, Jasmine, pushed Julia on the swing and also helped move Julia along when it was time to leave. When I asked Julia what the student said, "mommy says it's time to go" and Julia came! Thank you for complying. : )

"I love tacos ... not really"
Today I discovered the recline position on stroller as we walked back to Susie's place which contributed to a LONG nap for Miss Jac. We stopped at Julioberto's, fast food taco place, on way back home, for the Tuesday special - 99 cents tacos, woo hoo! It was a long wait which surprised me for a fast food place, but it was lunch time & drive-thru was busy, a priority I'm sure. Probably not the healthiest food, but they were yummy! I really liked the crunchy quality of the fried flour tortilla shell.

Once home, it was quick lunch of random food from fridge (goat cheese, crackers, tuna, fruit, TACOS) & then rest time which was definitely needed.
  • 3 hour nap for Jacqueline
  • 2+ hour nap for Julia
  • 1.5 hour nap for Tara
  • some kind of nap for Jai
"I didn't realize ..."
While we waited for Susie to arrive home from work, Jai went to Target to get a new cutting board and permanent coffee filter. As we drove to dinner at the 5 & Diner (Susie had another coupon) we explained our gifts. Susie has a glass cutting board and crappy knives. Well, the knives would be better, but once they're sharpened they dull quickly on the glass board. Susie is concerned about bacteria and keeping the board clean so she puts the glass one in the dishwasher to sterilize it. Ironically we NEVER do that with our cutting boards (we have a wooden one, a Corian one and a set of colored plastic ones for specific foods like chicken, beef, fish, veggies). We wipe off the wooden one which we never put meat on; we use the color coded ones which we wash with soap and water. We explain that we're concerned about her physical safety as well as the life of a really knife I bought her after 1 of my visits 5-6 years ago. I told her then and now - please stop using the glass cutting board!

The diner food was good, everything except the peach pie (yuck!). Jai really liked his garlic mushroom burger with kettle fries and I enjoyed the cheeseburger sliders with sweet potato fries. Susie had a veggie omelet with gigantic pile of hash browns. Julia had junior pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse; it was 2 HUGE pancakes with bacon. The chocolate milk shake was awesome! : )

Once home we get kids ready for bed. Susie & I had to drive to Carrie's house to return the Highlander, got a chance to talk with sister for last alone moments, trying to iron out some preliminary travel plans for Summer 2013. Then Jai & I pack everything before going to sleep for about 5 hours before rising to get a cab at 4:30am to PHX airport!  Not going to be enough sleep for another long flight with 2 young children. Fingers crossed for a better experience and a not full plane!