Monday, March 25, 2013

SB 2013 - Phoenix - Day 4

"What a mega church"
Another early morning shorter walk on Sunday with Susie (hurt left heel, not sure if result of last week's pedicure) before we shower & eat breakfast, then the females head to church. Susie attends Paradise Valley UMC in Scottsdale about 15 minutes away from her house. It's a HUGE place, seriously a campus with lots of classrooms (nursery, 2-3 year olds, 4-5 year olds, Kindergarten, then groups of upper grades. We left the girls in their appropriate rooms. Though strange to leave them in separate places & different than at our church (we only have a multi-age set-up other than the youth group class) it is good for Julia.

There are more meeting spaces, fellowship hall with a stage and kitchen and the Paradise Perk coffeehouse where Susie worked for 2 years. The sanctuary is massive with wooden & cushioned pews, stained glass in windows, choir area behind the pulpit, piano and organ. Today there was a violin accompanist. Really?! WOW!

"I want frosting"
After picking up the children & meeting some of Susie's church acquaintances, we explore their Stations of the Cross set-up. Very cool arrangement, amazingly organized. Then we headed to the perk for smoothies. Julia wants frosting on hers - AKA whipped cream! : )

"woo hoo! I love Indian food."
Julia says this after asking where we're eating dinner (she ALWAYS wants to go out for dinner so she loves when we're on vacation). I am so happy my child enjoys all kinds of food, especially Indian as that is one of our favorites. Also Susie had a Groupon for this place that our airport taxi driver who was from India recommended. It was OK food - dinner buffet for reasonable price & kids under 5 are free. BONUS!

"uh oh"
Jacqueline's new favorite expression - very cute!