Saturday, March 23, 2013

SB 2013 - Phoenix - Day 2

"NO cable in PHX"

Friday morning, after not sleeping enough since both of our children decided to wake up at 6:00am (OMG!), Julia says she wants to watch TV. She announces to both Susie & I that she knows the channel for Sprout - "it's 1-5-0-5, but I don't know how to work the TV." I explain that Susie doesn't have cable. Surprised & with barely a pause, Julia says with a serious expression on her face "do you have PBS?" Susie & I cannot contain our hilarity and laugh A LOT. We also answer 'yes, she has PBS.'

"You don't look 42. I hope I look that good when I'm 42."

Later that morning I went to a training school, Southwest Institute for Natural Aesthetics for a SWINA signature facial for some lovely relaxation. Three years ago when we last came to Phoenix, Susie took me to SWINA for an affordable spa experience; I haven't had a facial in about 6+ months. The student aesthetician made the comment above after reviewing my registration paperwork. I also got more compliments on how nice my skin looks. Ah, so sweet! Last week I went to Empire Beauty, my school in Nashville for some wax services, but I didn't have time for a facial before we left for Phoenix. I'd really like to get a massage next, but that might have to wait until May ... Mother's Day gift (hint, hint, Jai!!). : )

"Sir, are you here with a child?"

After naps, we ran some errands before heading downtown to the PHX public library in the afternoon. What a cool place! HUGE!! Unbelievable structure, incredible, amazing architecture.
It has 5 stories - FIVE you heard me. Really cool elevator banks with lights, a water feature, neon signs for everything, information booths everywhere - this was just on the FIRST floor! We spent most of the time in the children's section. The bathrooms had GIRLS & BOYS on door and low toilet, almost on the ground. There also was a children's garden with a poem written in the sidewalk as well as some stone steps/seats with flowers all around.

Before venturing outside to check out the garden area, 2 guards approached Jai & asked the question above. He also had been using his camera to take photos of the cool features. Ironically we had been discussing security at NPL, particularly in children's area. We didn't realize that he wasn't close enough to us to be considered with his family though there weren't lots of other brown people ... though I guess we look more Latino! : ) Jai quickly turned to us as we were walking towards him as they asked the question. We laughed of course later & joked that we should have said "I don't know that man. Children, stay away from that strange man!" However, it is reassuring that the child safety procedures are in place & enforced when something questionable happens. We suspect the camera taking & flash probably caught someone's attention.

There also was a neat area for young children under 2 years old. After feeding Jacqueline in a nice comfy chair, while Julia was with Susie & Jai at the computer doing something, we played there. As I sat nursing Jacqueline, I wondered about Arizona's NIP (public breastfeeding) law as I realized that in TN, I'm no longer protected since she's over 12 months. Of course I'd love for someone to say something to me, but I'm in another state, a not so friendly to human rights kind of state, so not feeling as confident as I usually do. Susie says she thinks it is 2 years which would really surprise me. While Jacqueline plays on the cushy floor, Julia picks out some DVDs (Caillou, Disney Princess sing-along, Handy Manny). Lots of books on the shelves under the benches, some magnet letters, other tactile type toys, cool area.

We headed home for leftovers (pizza from Thursday night), baths and early bed (hopefully).
Another fun day in PHX!