Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Throw-up Television

Julia got sick tonight. Julia threw up what looked like more than she's eaten all day. I won't go into the very gory details but after I had showered and shampooed her she said:

"I wish it was on TV." 
What do you mean, Julia? 
"I wish throwup was on TV."
I quizzically looked at her and asked why.
She said with a grin, "so you can see it happen."

I decided it might be time to introduce her to Captain Underpants books.

Tara's comment: It was like a crime scene, as I climbed the stairs, heard the sounds in bathroom as Jai helped Julia. I nervously walked down the hall, so slowly, approaching our bedroom as that is where Julia had fallen asleep. It was unbelievable, so disgusting ... our bedding was white this week too AND we'd just changed the sheets. UGH! Ironically I had been about to go to bed, but it was another 1.5 hours before I got to sleep. I stripped the bed & washed comforter, then sheets. The sheets are not going to make it, maybe I can dye them. The room smelled so bad so we slept in the guest room - thank goodness we have it.