Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Melt My Heart and make me laugh

Jacqueline has been all about "I love you". Earlier today I was sitting on the sofa and Jacqueline came up to me and said "I wuv you daddy." and gave my knee an extremely audible kiss (she is all about kissing you where she can reach, not necessarily on your face). When we laid down for nap Jacqueline went through her family roll call but instead of "good night mommy", "good night Julia", "good night Johnders", and  "good night daddy." or "where's Julia?", etc. She said "I love you Julia", "I love you mommy", "I love you johnders", etc. It is absolutely the cutest, sweetest thing I have ever heard. I do not remember Julia doing this.

All that love stuff is but one example of the difference between these two girls. This afternoon I saw another example. I asked Julia to clean up her mess, a bunch of little pieces of paper. She, as usual, went on to do something else (writing a book) as Jacqueline walked past me with a handful of these pieces headed to the trashcan. I redirected her to recycle bin and she said "oh" and put it away. She walked back past me and grabbed another handful while Julia lay there oblivious, concentrating deeply on her book.

Just amazing how different these girls can be. Thank God b/c if I had two Julias I would die! She is the toughest relationship I have ever had.

Tara's note: It is really cute, so sweet, especially when I come home from work. As I walk in the back door, I hear "mommy home, mommy home!" & feet running at full force to greet me. Jacqueline hurls herself into my arms, hugs me tight & plants kisses all over my neck & face. It's hilarious. Julia NEVER did that as a small child at this age. Now she greets me with "what did you bring me? what treat do you have?" (I usually have something from my school, evil place full of snacks!!!). Then she remembers her manners (Jai has been coaching her) & says "how was your day?" while looking in my bag.