Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Downton Abbey's episode 5

I loved that maitre'd being put in his place by Cora when Anna & Bates are being denied a table at that fancy place in London. "I'm sure that can be fixed." or something like that.

What else happened?
Bates is upset about Anna, feels like he didn't protect her from being attacked.

Oh, Edith, that was a doctor you went to see in episode 4. I thought it was a lawyer's office - something related to Michael's situation/estate. What is she going to do if she is pregnant? Also I have a hard time telling how much time has passed.

Lady Mary - she does NOT like Mr. Blake. Wow, she is quite rude to him, no pretense at all!

Mr. Mosley is back at Downton Abbey. Yeah! I love the interchanges with him & Mr. Carson - such stiff upper lip, not flexible at all!